Genesis Validator

Apply to Become A Genesis Validator on the CyberMiles Blockchain

Prior to the launch of the CyberMiles Mainnet the CyberMiles Foundation will review and evaluate validator candidates and select 19 genesis validators to start the blockchain network. CyberMiles Foundation will publish the selection result prior to the launch. Once the Mainnet is activated all subsequent validator candidacy declaration validator election and CMT staking will be done via the CyberMiles DPoS protocol on the Mainnet (see our DPoS white paper for more details).

For CyberMiles Foundation to review a candidate’s credentials it/she/he needs to provide the following information:

Company Information

1. Name and logo
Name and logo are essential for candidates to allow the community to identify them and reflect their image in a simple way.

2. Website
Your website will provide information about you to the community. It will also be shown on our list of endorsed Validators.

3. Team information
Key members their background photos and your office address.

CMT Stake

4. Staking
Please provide the amount of CMTs you are planning to self-stake and the maximum amount of total CMTs you are willing to accept as stakes.

Technical information

5. Data center Information
Please provide the type of your server its configuration its location and the type of security you will establish. Please also let us know if you plan to run a backup server.

6. Budget
Please mention if you plan to dedicate a budget to increase your community exposure or for the technical needs of being a Validator.

Community Information

7. Ecosystem development plan
Please detail how you plan to add value to CyberMiles’s ecosystem after you become a Validator.

8. Social media exposure
Building a strong media exposure will determine how engaged you are toward the community. This is why we expect you to have at least 500 followers in one of your social media account (Twitter Facebook Reddit etc.)

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