About CyberMiles&CyberWorld

CyberMiles is a high-performance innovative public blockchain system. As a blockchain veteran actively participating in the decentralized economy and technology, CyberMiles was the first to propose the Ethereum public blockchain DPOS consensus high-performance commercial solution (this idea has now been borrowed by blockchains initiated by Binance, Huobi, etc.), and has started to promote and support NFT casting and circulation since as early as 2018. CyberMiles is also the first public blockchain to apply the NFTization and auction of artists' works.

CyberMiles is pivoting to NFT as its core ecosystem development focus and forging ahead, aiming to provide the entry point and link between the blockchain world and the physical world. After several years in stealth mode, CyberMiles’ leading NFT mechanism concept and products to solve the existing pain points in the NFT field based on a strong high-performance public blockchain and collaborative code engineering development team will become a self-driven growth protocol that is constantly optimized and iterated to pioneer the development of NFT and Blockchain.

CyberWorld is a blockchain NFT platform jointly built and operated by CyberMiles and Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.(NASDAQ: SINO). We will launch CyberWorld V1 in July soon, so stay tuned to CyberWorld and welcome to participate in our beta testing and other exciting programs.

CyberWorld & We And Our Future
(WAOF Plan)

CyberWorld is currently under development and will be ready soon! We will open 2-5 rounds of product testing events targeting specific communities (DeFi & NFT veterans, CyberMiles community members, crypto artists, traditional artists, partner organizations, etc.) before the final version goes live.

Meanwhile, to solidify CyberMiles' values, we hereby launch the We and Our Future (WAOF) Plan.

CyberMiles and Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.(NASDAQ: SINO) believes that art’s value is in essence distilled from people’s consensus, and that consensus is derived from our recognition. The history of mankind is the greatest work of art in the world. And we are making history right now.

CyberMiles and Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.(NASDAQ: SINO) plan to create CyberWorld's first groundbreaking art piece with the joined efforts from our partners from the crypto and physical worlds. This will be CyberWorld's universe creator, allowing CyberMiles blockchain to witness the history.

We and Our Future (WAOF Plan) is open to all users for digital arts and will select among them to compose the We and Our Future (WAOF Plan) NFT. (Details of this NFT to be revealed later.) When the campaign starts, we will send you an email inviting you to submit the media file of your art. Please send your file following the requirements below.

Please note that to better coordinate in making this huge NFT, your submission needs to meet the following requirements.

  1. The file size should be less than 5M.
  2. The submission must be original, and free of copyright risk; it should not be against mainstream social values and should not be discriminatory or offensive to any race or group.
  3. By participating in the We and Our Future (WAOF Plan), you are permitting us to use the file you send for NFT minting without compensation, and any other rewards you may receive shall be considered a gift from CyberWorld instead of compensation.
  4. The blockchain address you submit will be comprehensively rated to determine your weight in the WAOF program (this is not the only determining factor). So please submit addresses where you interact more with other DeFi/NFT programs to help us know more about you.

How to Participate

Please enter your email & blockchain address below and wait for the email and submit your digital artwork; Subscribe to get access to future events and early registration info to experience CyberMiles NFT before everyone else.