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Going the Extra Mile (May 2019)

Going the Extra Mile (May 2019)


CyberMiles named Best Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Solution of the Year

Acquisition International, the voice of modern business, has announced its 2019 Global Excellence Awards, including the Best Blockchain-Based E-Commerce Platform this year, which has been awarded to CyberMiles.

A.I. magazine handpicks the 2019 Global Excellence recipients based on “comprehensive analysis and research undertaken by the wider group.” Candidates are selected “purely on merit — not popularity — and recognize the very best in business,” those who “are succeeding in their endeavors, innovating, growing, and improving.”

Learn more about A.I.’s awards programs and this year’s winners at

5miles Dapp update

Earlier this year we announced that migration of the 5miles marketplace to CyberMiles’ blockchain had begun. The move, which will decentralize 5miles’ e-commerce, is a significant step in CyberMiles’ mission to decentralize — and democratize — the $1 trillion global e-commerce industry as we know it today.

Once the migration of 5miles’ product information and users reviews into a CyberMiles smart contract is complete, a web-based Dapp will be created to allow users easy access to information. The CyberMiles public blockchain ensures e-commerce data integrity, accuracy and transparency. More to come!

On the heels of Blocktonic, CyberMiles gears up to launch a new decentralized C2C marketplace

In addition to the 5miles Dapp, CyberMiles is expanding its ecosystem of decentralized marketplaces with a brand new one that is now in the works. Similar to but broader in scope that its B2C equivalent, Blocktonic, the first cryptocurrency-only online marketplace which CyberMiles launched last year, this forthcoming C2C marketplace will enable consumers worldwide to transact with one another and earn cryptocurrency, minus listing fees. (ETA: summer 2019.)

Coming soon: CMT stable coin

Tied to the upcoming decentralized C2C marketplace, CyberMiles is planning to introduce a CyberMiles Token (CMT)-derived stable coin that shoppers worldwide will be able to use to buy and sell items across our ecosystem, including on 5miles and Blocktonic. (ETA: summer 2019)

In the News

What’s the future of blockchain in energy? CyberMiles’ co-founder forecasts a global (r)evolution

Distributor Daily continues its analyses of energy and other industries that are ripe for decentralization. Blockchain technology is poised to be, for example, a potent asset in the fight against environmental degradation due to non-renewable energy sources. According to Dr. Michael Yuan, chief scientist of The CyberMiles Foundation:

Plasma, which is aiming to provide a framework to verify arbitrary computing workload [is the future]. This is much harder to achieve with efficiency, but could be much more useful. It also further allows smart contracts on the main blockchain to spin off child blockchains, known as side chains. The side chainscan be nested, creating a hierarchy of side chains that represent microgrids at different levels.

That this may directly facilitate further adoption of renewable energy sources, Dr. Yuan added:

The more we know about energy-related transactions, the more we can develop automated checks, and hence reduce the need for complex crypto-economic games. A win-win.

Will blockchain technology disrupt energy trading, carbon credit issuance, and emissions reporting? Read more expert insights at

What are the top benefits of blockchain in banking? Our expert shares his insights

Certain trends in finance won’t change. Markets will rise and fall, for example. Money will change hands, loans will be issued, and interest will be paid. But trends evolve, which a Market Research Analyst for Front Lines Media addresses head on:

What Are the Top Benefits of Blockchain in Banking? 6 Experts Share Their Insights - Disruptor Daily

Which Trends Are Shaping Blockchain in Banking? 6 Experts Share Their Insights for 2019 - Disruptor Daily

Read more of Dr. Yuan’s insights and predictions of blockchain in banking at

CyberMiles’ co-founder talks blockchain and ETFs

Speaking of Dr. Yuan, BlockPublisher recently interviewed CyberMiles’ co-founder about cryptoeconomics, namely the intrinsic value of Bitcoin vis-à-vis the first law of economics.

Neither Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency (such as Ripple) is currently used as an everyday currency because they’re treated as a ‘store of value’ vs. a true utility token to pay for everyday goods and services. Crypto’s volatility today makes ‘stable coins,’ which are tethered to fiat currency, a best bet.

Also thwarting the mass adoption of Bitcoin are scalability issues as well as the lack of regulations, which may inhibit general public trust in it. Nevertheless the upside potential looms large, as Dr. Yuan is quick to note.

While eliminating physical and virtual barriers, a less volatile, more utilitarian cryptocurrency may spell the potential end to currency exchanges, manipulation, etc. There’s so much promise yet to be realized.

Cryptocurrency promises to change the commercial and financial markets forever. It’s the disruptive capability of Bitcoin — its inherent intrinsic value — that soon may make crypto the go-to currency of the future.


ICYMI: What is the CyberMiles network? A crypto briefing

Crypto Briefing recently delved into CyberMiles as part of an ongoing analysis of today’s most promising crypto projects. With several dApps already built on its platform, including a browser-based identity vault (MetaMask for CMT), a security token launchpad, and a payment gateway, the future looks bright for CyberMiles.

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