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Going the Extra Mile (March 2019)

Going the Extra Mile (March 2019)


ICYMI: Introducing CommunityVote, a new CyberMiles DApp

As many of you know, CyberMiles has a unique governance structure, a transparent process for voting on on-chain governance issues such as software upgrades, stolen fund recovery, economic parameter changes, etc.

Last month we introduced CommunityVote, a new DApp on CyberMiles’s blockchain that supports community inputs on important governance issues related to The CyberMiles Foundation. With last week’s community vote, re: withdrawing our CMTs from staking (within 10 days), we put that to test — and you made your voices heard.

CyberMiles developed the CommunityVote DApp to allow CMT holders (i.e. the CMT community) to share thoughts and opinions on governance matters. As a community, we work together to make CyberMiles better — a key element for CyberMiles’ community autonomy. Learn more at

CyberMiles in Japan: in Japanese now live

Last week we launched the Japanese version of our website:

A new-ish Supernode to announce

Wancloud, formerly a CyberMiles validator, recently became “HashQuark.” Part of HashKey Group, a leading fintech group established in Hong Kong, HashQuark now is joining CyberMiles as a witness node, an effort to enhance CyberMiles’ ecosystem.

HashQuark announced a decreased compensation rate of 25 percent for users, although those who voted before for Wancloud may need to hang tight a day or two to enjoy such compensation rate.

HashQuark, deeply involved in the building of a better-enabling ecosystem, has joined a number of public blockchains as one of their Supernodes, thereby working to offer all users greater access to public blockchains and DApps. Learn more about CyberMiles’ own validator program (and DPoS protocol) at

CyberMiles-sponsored blockchain hackathon a success

One of our very own CyberMilers proudly represented at the University of Southern California last month, serving as a Viterbi School of Engineering mentor and judge during a “blockathon” for talented and aspiring hackers.

The amazing program, the first such at USC, assisted blockchain participants with tutorials focusing on CyberMiles, Ethereum, Hyperledger and IOTA. We’re pleased to be in that company. Learn all about this year’s blockathon at

In the News

The future of blockchain? Predicting the next big use of blockchain technology

There have been a lot of predictions on the next great use of blockchain tech. Some have even said that blockchain could be the solution to gun control in the U.S. So what else could the blockchain be used for?

According to CyberMiles’ own Dr. Michael Yuan, “smart business contracts” are the answer.

"Imagine a health insurance claim that automatically pays out as soon as your hospital uploads proper documentation of your illness or surgery. In the same way a real estate deal can conclude once your bank electronically verifies the loan. Smart contract-based applications that immutably, transparently perform routine tasks (like closing on a house) may not only render title companies obsolete, but also represent a significant cost- and time-savings for everyone from loan originators to closing agents."

Read on for more from Michael and fellow crypto experts at

Rockets and tokens and integer overflows — oh, my!

Tim McCallum, a Core Developer with CyberMiles (and a new contributor to, took Hackernoon readers on a deep dive into understanding integer overflows and discovering new, preventative measures.

For non-software developers, Tim’s article makes the math and coding side of integer overflows easy to digest. Software developers also get a chance, though, to deploy their very own (fast, free) smart contract on a blockchain. Check it out, you all.

The many uses of blockchain in business

We know that blockchain technology can add value to a business in a number of ways. ROI Overload spoke with CyberMiles’ co-founder about this topic.

Noting how blockchain can provide value to startups and companies, Dr. Yuan posits the theory that blockchain’s key benefit is in delivering the ability to construct a network for all kinds of businesses. Rather than competing against each other, companies can collaborate and build a system with each business industry having its own chain.

Want to learn more? Then head over to

CyberMiles’ co-founder talks blockchain and ETFs

Speaking of Dr. Yuan, BlockPublisher interviewed the CyberMiles co-founder and chief scientist about the state of the crypto market, including alternatives that might help the market grow.

"Due diligence is key. If a crypto project isn’t backed by a strong, bonafide team and a solid business proposition …that can be a red flag."

The BTC ETF is termed to be, for institutional investors and retail investors alike, one of the doors that might help them enter the crypto space by giving them a guarantee for security relating to the market.

"Blockchain is moving from just another IT solution to an ecosystem builder. The strongest potential is those that are building public networks to connect and collaborate with communities outside the organization, as opposed to building another internal asset management system on the blockchain."

Many experts second Dr. Yuan’s stance, re: the adoption of blockchain and how use cases should be explored/new areas should be tapped. CyberMiles itself has brought e-commerce to blockchain, contributing to the bigger cause.


The Crypto Countdown

  • Amazon ‘will have to’ create its own crypto in the future, Binance CEO says (Source: Cointelegraph)
  • Bitcoin adoption gets stronger in Venezuela as trading volume hits all-time high (Source: Coingape)
  • Chamber of Digital Commerce Pushes Investment in Blockchain, Though Issues Remain (Source: Blockonomi)
  • Coinbase Acquired Blockchain Analytics Startup, Aims to Become ‘Google of Crypto’ (Source: Coingape)
  • Crypto CEO Dies Holding Only Passwords That Can Unlock Millions in Customer Coins (Sblocource: Bloomberg)
  • Elon Musk Believes That Bitcoin Is Better Than Paper Money, Calling It ‘Quite Brilliant Structure’ (Source: Coingape)
  • Facebook Acquires Blockchain Startup in Apparent First (Source: Coingape)
  • First U.S. Public Pensions invests $40 Million in Cryptocurrency Fund (Source: Bitcoinist)
  • Global Blockchain Partners with Local School in First for a U.S. University (Source: Dallas Business Journal)
  • Google Play Store Caught Hosting Fake Metamask Crypto Malware (Source: Ethereum World News)
  • How Google Is Quietly Making Blockchains Searchable (Source: Forbes)
  • Is Ethereum a Sinking Ship? Dash, EOS, etc. Seeing More Usage (Source: Coingape)
  • JP Morgan Is Rolling Out the First U.S. Bank-backed Cryptocurrency to Transform Payments Business (Source: CNBC)
  • The Rise of the Robot Reporter (Source: The New York Times)
  • SEC, CFTC Set to Collaborate to Regulate Bitcoin ETFs, Other Investment Products (Source: Coingape)
  • Stablecoins’ Role in the New Digital Financial Ecosystem (Source: Medium)
  • Twitter CEO Still Believes Bitcoin Will Be Internet’s Currency (Source: Cointelegraph)

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