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Going the Extra Mile (January 2019)

Going the Extra Mile (January 2019)


Binance launches industry standard ‘Gold Label’ list of cryptocurrency projects, including CMT

The blockchain industry may be still in its infancy, but there’s a growing polarization between good and bad projects, as well as issues in transparency. This is why Binance Info initiated its Gold Label Project, aimed at protecting the blockchain community by encouraging projects to ensure project-related information, “alleviating the risk from information asymmetry.”

The CyberMiles Token (CMT) one of 30 shortlisted by Binance for year-end list of top projects

According to Binance, the concept is to provide the cryptocurrency industry with a fully vetted list of credible projects, with the ultimate aim of “separating the wheat from the chaff.” The inaugural Gold Label list contains 30 cryptocurrency coins and tokens, ranging in size, market capitalization and reputation. CyberMiles is pleased to have CMT listed among them. Check out to learn more.

CyberMiles relaunches

We’ve redesigned our website, featuring blockchain-for-business use cases, our CyberMiles ecosystem, a developer portal, and e-commerce solutions. Visit to see for yourself.

Wallet brings CMT trading right to your pocket

Version 2.3 of the CMT Wallet has been released and is available to download on Android devices. (iOS version will be released this month.) 

Why should you update to this new version?

CMT Wallet now integrates BEX, powered by ByteTradeGlobal, which is based on a dual-chain system that enables third parties to easily build their own decentralized exchanges with strong cross-chain trading capabilities. And CMT is available there:

You still can import your ERC20 CMT, if you have not already, into our CMT Wallet

Speaking of the CMT Wallet… for those of you who haven’t yet imported your ERC20 CMT into our blockchain, now that CyberMiles’ MainNet is live, don’t fret. You can do so today by following these simple steps:

  1. Download the CMT Wallet
  2. Import your wallet via mnemonic words, private key, or keystore

It’s that easy. Visit today.

In the News

Accounting revolution: Can blockchain shake up the industry?

At the same time, Dr. Michael Yuan, a long-time technologist and the chief scientist at CyberMiles, mentions many transformative ways to use the blockchain technology in the finance industry: from managing customer identity and data privately and safely, to storing important financial records in a decentralized network, to supporting a large library of smart contracts. Read all about it on

CyberMiles joins the Hong Kong OTC and the Association for Financial Technology Development

“Fintech” has long been highly valued in Hong Kong. HKEx’s Chief China Economist said last month that financial technology innovation will become an important development direction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and the Macao Dawan District in China. The regional distribution that will cover all areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong will focus on blockchain and virtual banking, the China Business Network reported.

To this end, the CyberMiles Foundation has joined the Hong Kong OTC and the Association for Financial Technology Development (OFDA) to share its expertise with the city-state’s financial, brokerage and legal institutions.

Why is everyone in tech obsessed with chatbots?

China has been on the chatbot bandwagon for years, but for good reason. Unlike the U.S., the Chinese Internet is more regulated, which has made WeChat the Facebook of China, even though it’s primarily a messaging platform. Its chatbots act more like lightweight apps where you can book a dentist, subscribe to content, and build complex programs.

Michael Yuan, author of Chatbots: Building Intelligent Botsand co-founder / chief scientist of CyberMiles, explains how bots are perceived in China:

In WeChat jargon, a bot chat account is called a “public account”. First off, the WeChat “public account” bot program is extremely successful. If you start a business in China today, you will create a WeChat public account bot well before you have a website.

Remarkably, there is a new crop of V.C. funded content companies that operate exclusively in WeChat — they do not even have web sites despite being valued tens of millions of U.S. dollars. Consider that the Chinese Internet censors can delete any WeChat public account (and take all the millions of followers with it) for any vaguely defined “offensive content”, it is testimony to how indispensable WeChat’s bot ecosystem has become in business and in everyday life.

Check out Inc. for a breakdown of how chatbots have swept the tech industry, and why businesses should be paying attention to A.I.

The Crypto Countdown

  • Abu Dhabi Considers Blockchain to Make the Government More Efficient (Source: Blockchain Wire)
  • America Could Lead the Transition to a Digital Currency Reserve (Source: The New York Times)
  • Bank of America Reveals New Blockchain Patent Targeting Cash Handling (Source: CoinTelegraph)
  • Binance Releases Year-End Letter Giving an Outlook for 2019 (Source: Coingape)
  • China’s Plan to Sideline Bitcoin (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Facebook to Develop Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp Transfers (Source: Token Market)
  • Huobi Exchange Slams 32 Listed Coins for Inadequate Funds (Source: Coingape)
  • India May Legalize Cryptos But Under ‘Strong’ Rules (Source: Coindesk)
  • Ripple Targets Middle East Financial Institutions (Source: Coingape)
  • South Korea’s Crypto Craze Has Morphed into a Blockchain Boom (Source: Quartz)
  • Suspected Electricity Thief Arrested After Mining $3 Million in Bitcoin, Ether (Source: CoinTelegraph)
  • Users Report Losing Bitcoin in Clever Hack of Electrum Wallets (ZDNet)
  • Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom (Source: TIME)

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