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Going the Extra Mile (February 2019)

Going the Extra Mile (February 2019)


CyberMiles begins 5miles migration

It’s official! During an #AMA session on Jan. 17, Dr. Lucas Lu, CyberMiles’ co-founder and CEO, announced that 5miles has started its migration onto the CyberMiles blockchain. Once the data of 5miles’ 15 million users has been migrated, 5miles users will be able to make transactions with no middleman — the wave of the (blockchain) future. This will ensure the safety and transparency of all parties involved in marketplace transactions.

A new Supernode is announced

The genesis of a new era of e-commerce continues in 2019: our ecosystem just got bigger thanks to TxQuick, a new Supernode on CyberMiles’ DPoS blockchain. Check it out:

CyberMiles a top cryptocurrency by follower gains

Looking back on 2018, CoinMarketSocial has announced the top five cryptocurrencies with the fastest social media growth during the past year. With a growth of 5,362% from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2018, CyberMiles can claim the highest percentage growth of the year among altcoins. Read more here.

CyberMiles no. 1 among cryptos by sentiment

This month rated CyberMiles the no. 1 crypto by sentiment, ahead of Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Status, and VeChain. Check out the full list, which is updated in real time, at

In the News

'Exploring the CyberMiles ecosystem' wraps up

We’ve wrapped up our 2018 series of articles, unpacking the myriad ways that blockchain is transforming entire industries — from e-commerce to insurance to real estate — as well as processes (sourcing, supply chain, etc.).  

You can read our latest #CMusecaseTravel on the blockchain, and catch up on the rest of the series right here.

BlockPublisher celebrates CyberMiles’ banner 2018

CyberMiles had a wonderful 2018 as one of the most promising startups. Having launched MainNet last October and partnered with many startups for the Genesis Validator program. CyberMiles also created a wallet by which anyone can make and release tokens, as well as tools to develop dApps on CyberMiles’ blockchain. Read more at

CyberMiles’ chief scientist and co-founder, Dr. Michael Yuan, also shared views with BlockPublisher on the state of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large. Will it replace fiat currency one day? Read his insights at

How Mark Cuban went from a crypto skeptic to an avid supporter

The billionaire tech entrepreneur is awfully bullish on the crypto market today, but in the past has sounded skeptical of Bitcoin and blockchain.

Before the 2018–19 NBA season, Cuban announced that his Dallas Mavericks would be entering the crypto market by accepting digital currency. Fans would be allowed to purchase everything from Mavs tickets to merchandise, using the CyberMiles Token (CMT). (5miles, a strategic partner of CyberMiles’, last year entered into a multi-year sponsorship with the team.) Read the complete analysis at

Dr. Lucas Lu featured on NBC News

As e-commerce has grown (from 22 percent of shoppers in 2005 to 79 percent in 2016), troves of marketplaces for individual sellers have popped up, notably 5miles (think Craigslist-meets-Nextdoor). But there’s a key to success. According to Dr. Lucas Lu:

One common mistake is overpricing an item that you’re trying to resell. Do a little research online to gauge the average sale price of an item. Also, even though an item may be brand new — i.e. unopened, never used — you’re still selling it secondhand, so consider discounting the price vs. retail. This will help your listing be more competitive in attracting buyer interest, and you’re more likely to sell your unwanted item faster.

Read more about how to sell your unwanted stuff via

The Crypto Countdown

  • 2019: the Year of the Security Token Offering (STO)? (Source: TokenMarket)
  • Almost Five New Cryptocurrency ATMs Installed Worldwide Every Day (Source: CoinTelegraph)
  • Are PoW Blockchains Still Secure? Community Divided in Post-Ethereum Classic 51% Attack Chaos (Source: CoinGape)
  • Central Banks Could Turn to Crypto to Support Reserves (Source: CoinTelegraph)
  • Indian Academics Rise in Support of Crypto, Urge Government to Regulate — Not Ban — Cryptocurrencies (Source: CoinGape)
  • Irish Cabinet Approves Bill Involving Cryptocurrencies(Source: CoinIdol)
  • Japan’s FSA Gauging Industry Interest Towards Bitcoin ETF, Ignores Crypto Futures (Source: CoinGape)
  • Kodak’s Post-Licensing Portal (PLP) Driving the Future of Image Licensing (Source: BlockchainWire)
  • Paris Graffiti Artist Sets Cryptic Crypto Challenge (Source: BitcoinNews)
  • Retail Giant, Overstock, to Use Bitcoin to Pay Its Taxes in Ohio (Source: CoinTelegraph)
  • South African Government Launches Study of Cryptocurrency Regulation (Source: BlockCrypto)
  • U.S.: Crypto Among SEC’s Top Examination Priorities for 2019 (Source: CoinTelegraph)
  • Why Japan Could Become First Major Crypto Market to See Mainstream Merchant Adoption (Source: CryptoMeNow)

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