CyberMiles Mainnet Software Upgrade Notice

CyberMiles Mainnet Software Upgrade Notice

The CyberMiles Validators have achieved consensus to upgrade CyberMiles MainNet software at approximately 13th November 2018, 20:00 GMT+8.

The upgrade will stop the blockchain for around 10 minutes. All non-validator full nodes will stop at the specified block height. The node operator will need to restart the node with the updated software, and it will sync with the validator nodes and resume operation.

To support the upgrade, Exchanges are advised to pause CMT deposits and withdrawals around 13th November 2018,19:00 GMT+8 until the upgraded software resumes producing blocks.

This latest CyberMiles MainNet upgrade contains numerous security and stability fixes. It is considered crucial by CyberMiles Validators for the continued operation of the blockchain.

The technical documentation of the MainNet software upgrade can be found here.