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CyberMiles Community Update (mid-June 2019)

CyberMiles Community Update (mid-June 2019)

1. CyberMiles’ Co-Founder/Chief Scientist Speaking at DeveloperWeek in New York City

Decentralized applications are key to mainstream adoption for blockchain. However, private key management, wallet requirements, high latency, frequent micro payment of gas fees, etc. all combine to make today’s “DApps” very difficult to use, thereby creating significant barriers to entry.

CyberMiles’ own Dr. Michael Yuan is tackling the issue head-on this week at DeveloperWeek, the definitive conference for the developer community, which kicks off today in New York City, a capital of worldwide enterprise app development.

In his talk, which is part of the Blockchain & Fintech Dev Summit, Dr. Yuan will offer insights on DApps that he and the his team have developed and marketed in the Ethereum ecosystem, as well as on how to handle pure view smart contract functions, plus:

  • DApp-specific optimizations for wallets such as web3 integration, payment prompt, DApp launch mechanisms, and DApp portals
  • Seamless and streamlined gas payments
  • Centralized vs. decentralized private key management
  • UX improvements for transaction waiting time
  • Third-party gas payments (“net neutrality”)

Dr. Yuan also will impart new approaches to design useable DApps and, as a community, propose dan discuss new EIPs that can improve DApp usabilities. Learn more about end-to-end design patterns for DApps and other pro talks that are scheduled at

2. Giveaways Galore in Commemoration of CyberMiles’ Latest DApp

Speaking of DApps, this month CyberMiles has initiated a series of giveaways to celebrate our very latest. Sponsored in part by several of our Supernodes, we already have given away 10,000 CMT, two CMT Cubes, DeveloperWeek passes, and other prizes exclusively to CMT Wallet users. Still ahead:

To participate, all you have to do is to download the CMT Wallet (if you have not yet), then visit to join in any ongoing giveaway. Go to for more details.

3. The Best Apps for Buying and Selling Used Stuff?

More and more of us are looking for ways to declutter, Marie Kondo-style. According to Yahoo! and U.S. News & World Report5miles, which was decentralized recently on the CyberMiles blockchain, is a top-recommended (d)app to bookmark for selling (and buying) unwanted items. Check it out:

4. CMT Staking Program Continue to Grow

As TxQuick, one of CyberMiles’ Supernodes, pointed out, last month was amazing for the growth of CMT staking programs. With more than six million CMT stake added via TxQuick alone, the CyberMiles community has been amazing in helping our partners grow and improve decentralization efforts.

5. ICYMI: Postmortem on CyberMiles’ Blockchain Service Disruption Incident

DPoS-based blockchains (like CyberMiles’), with their high performance, energy efficiency, fast finality, and other comparative advantages (vis-à-vis PoW blockchains), have gained tremendous popularity in the last year or so. But a notable, less understood trade-off is the occasional service disruption and unavailability that may occur with these blockchains. (Extended service disruptions have been recorded with EOSSteemit, and Stellar, for instance.)

Late last month, the CyberMiles public blockchain suffered a technical failurethat paused blockchain operations for 17 hours. During that time, no transaction was accepted or recorded on the blockchain. While there was no data loss or transaction rollback, Dr. Michael Yuan, CyberMiles’ chief scientist, opted to illustrate the problem and present potential solutions. Check out Dr. Yuan’s postmortem analysis on Hackernoon.

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