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CyberMiles Community Update (mid-January 2019)

CyberMiles Community Update (mid-January 2019)

1. CyberMiles selected as one of the best-performing blockchain apps

TokenInsight, a global token data and rating agency based in San Francisco, and 8BTC , a Chinese cryptocurrency and blockchain news organization, have selected CyberMiles as a best-performing blockchain project as well as one of the most promising teams in the blockchain technology industry. Huzzah!

2. What is CyberMiles’ Remix?

A core developer of ours, Tim McCallum, along with the rest of CyberMiles’ development team, have been hard at work since the new year, enhancing tools such as our official chrome extension and simple online editor. “Remix” allows you to use our Lity programming language to write smart contracts right in your browser. Learn more about it at

3. Logging with Uniswap

Speaking of McCallum, he recently created a hopefully helpful video that explains Vyper smart contract event logging. Using the Uniswap Exchangeprotocol, which has been deployed on CyberMiles’ TestNet, this demonstrates how to set up watchers for smart contract events inside a Web3 console.

4. CMT Wallet (v2.3) update

As mentioned in our most recent newsletter, we have released version 2.3 of the CMT Wallet, which had been available only for Android devices. However, as of Jan. 15, you now can download the latest CMT Wallet on any iOS device. Learn all about the newest and best features at

5. Reflecting on Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision for Bitcoin and its genesis, 10 years on

Jan. 3, 2019 marked a decade since the constitution of Bitcoin was born with Bitcoin Block #0. Since that time, the network’s genesis block has provided the foundation for an ecosystem that has challenged the world’s perception of how money is valued and managed in our digital age. Read all about it at

For our part, the CyberMiles team is proud to carry on the legacy in furthering the mainstream adoption and evolution of blockchain 3.0 technology!

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