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CyberMiles Community Update (mid-April 2019)

CyberMiles Community Update (mid-April 2019)

1. CyberMiles’ MainNet software update

Following an on-chain governance vote on April 1, the CyberMiles public blockchain validators (i.e. super nodes) coordinated a successful software upgrade on April 4 to improve the usability and stability of our blockchain. After a brief service interruption to restart the validator nodes with upgraded software, all services resumed.

For full details about what the latest blockchain update involves for CyberMiles’ Validators and Delegators, visit

2. 2019 roadmap updates (Q2-Q4)

CyberMiles, as you know, is a public blockchain optimized for e-commerce. As such, our focus is on utilizing blockchain technology to better serve the e-commerce industry. Recently we’ve updated our development roadmap for 2019 to reflect this laser focus.

One of our primary aims is to design and develop a product that allows buyers and sellers with no technical experience to use blockchain technology at ease. As always, we welcome your comments or insights, which you can share with this at

3. CyberMiles Token airdrop in Turkey

The CyberMiles community is growing around the world, and this month we’re celebrating our community in Turkey with a week-long airdrop.

  1. Install the CMT Wallet app on your mobile device
  2. Follow CyberMiles’ Twitter account and retweet us
  3. CyberMiles Turkey, join our Telegram group
  4. Fill out our Google form in order to participate in this airdrop

4. Smart contracts at EDCON

The Community Ethereum Development Conference, known as EDCON, wrapped up in Sydney this week, and on hand as a speaker at the event: CyberMiles’ chief scientist and co-founder, Dr. Michael Yuan.

With Creating a Rules Language for the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Dr. Yuan addressed smart contracts as immutable programs on the blockchain, automatically executed based on pre-defined rules. Complex and inferencing rules, however, can be extremely difficult to program, test, and validate, using standard programming languages like Solidity. The long sequence of highly-nested if/then statements is fragile and error-prone, a problem compounded by the need to frequently change rules based on business requirements.

In addition to EDCON, Dr. Yuan was selected as a speaker for the upcoming DeveloperWeek, one of the largest developer conferences, which will take place in New York City this June (17–20). More to come.

5. What is the CM network? An introduction to CMT

Crypto Briefing took on CyberMiles in its latest analysis of the most promising crypto projects today.

E-commerce marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon look simplistic because of their intuitive GUIs, but they’re very complicated websites. The CyberMiles Foundation understands these complexities and is building the CyberMiles network with a library of smart contracts meant to handle every aspect of ecommerce.

CyberMiles already has several dApps built on its platform, including MetaMask for CMT (a browser-based identity vault), a payment gateway, a security token launchpad, and an OTC exchange with plans to support Gemini’s GUSD and other stablecoins.

Go to Crypto Briefing to read the complete analysis (and share with friends).