[ Bounty] Celebrating a year of success thanks to YOU! 

[ Bounty] Celebrating a year of success thanks to YOU! 

Approaching the first anniversary of CyberMiles, we would like to share our full gratitude to you, community, who have been so supportive throughout our development!!

To show our thankfulness, we’ve decided to add 4 new chances for you to receive CMTs from CyberMiles Foundation as part of our shared achievement and to celebrate the festive season of Winter in the right manner. Let’s unveil the first one!

Event 1: Thanksgiving Celebration


November 22nd 12 p.m. to November 29th 12 p.m. (CST)


Express your appreciation to the persons of your wish on Twitter/Facebook by using the format below and they will have a chance to receive 500 CMTs:

Your message of Appreciation + @Recipient’s account + @CyberMiles + #1YearAnniversary

Once sent, fill out the following form:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your Tweet/message must meet the 4 required parts described above
  2. You must fill the form to be eligible
  3. The form can be filled only once
  4. CyberMiles Foundation will select randomly 20 eligible winners

Event 2: If you win we double your prize. If you lose, we reimburse you!


November 29 at 12 P.M. to December 5 12 P.M. (CST)


  1. We will reward the top player with the largest CMT earning with the same amount of CMT!
  2. We will also compensate the worst player with the amount of CMT he/she lost.
  3. The top and worst players throughout the 7 days will also receive the same benefits

*Calculated everyday at 12 P.M.

*HashCasino is a dApp developed by Krypital

Stay tuned for the next event by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Weibo or WeChat!

Event 3 Red Packets: Gotta catch’em all

December 7, December 10, December 12, December 14 at 6 P.M. Hong Kong Time.


CyberMiles Foundation will send away 4 Red Packets on 4 dates. Each packet will allow a limited number of participants to win a random amount of CMT.

  1. December 7 in partnership with Hayek Capital – 3000 CMTs for 600 winners
  2. December 10 in partnership with Noomi – 2000 CMTs for 400 winners
  3. December 12
  4. December 14

How to win?

In order to be one of the winner, we will share with you a QR code from which you can scan within your CMT Wallet app, at 6 P.M. CST on each of the dates mentioned above. First come first serve.

Good luck!

What is the function Red Packet?

Red Packets is a new function created by CyberMiles Foundation for CMT Wallet mobile app. Based on the tradition of the Red Packets given during festive holidays in China to family members and friends, we believe this function will be a nice fit for everyone in this period of end-of-year celebrations or in any other occasions to treat someone special.

The application offers users the ability to give a red packet to one or multiple individuals for a random or fixed amount of CMT using smart contracts and through CyberMiles blockchain.

In terms of successful use case, Tencent is a good example to illustrate the huge opportunity for CyberMiles for creating a decentralized way of sending out Red Packets. On January 1st 2016 alone, Tencent reported to have 2.3 billions transactions within a day using its “red envelope” function on the messaging app WeChat.