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Public Blockchain for E-commerce


Best Blockchain Solutions for E-commerce

CyberMiles has built highly customized solutions for the e-commerce companies to deploy their business on the Blockchain with ease.

Valuable Blockchain Technology

CyberMiles is a Smart, Fast, and Safe blockchain network while staying Free to everyone.

Simple Development on Blockchain

CyberMiles has built one of the most powerful infrastructure for developing Decentralised applications.


  • 2019 Jan

    Completes a minimal viable ecosystem (MVE) for on-chain tokens and exchanges

  • 2019 Feb

    Incorporates over 15M American consumers’ data onto the CyberMiles public blockchain

  • 2019 April

    Supports over 100 DApps

  • 2019 June

    Onboards first 50 business partners for e-commerce applications

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