March 30, 2018 – Release of Travis, Cybermiles’ TestNet

Since our successful token sale last fall, the CyberMiles development team has been hard at work on the beta version of our public blockchain and smart contract platform geared towards e-commerce applications is now online! The CyberMiles Travis TestNet is fully compatible with Ethereum, yet is a superior alternative when it comes to e-commerce use cases as it is 100 times faster, considerably cheaper, much safer and more user-friendly.
Find out how you can deploy your Ethereum smart contracts or decentralized applications on Travis with our four-part TestNet series:

  1. Introducing ‘Travis,’ the CyberMiles TestNet
  2. CyberMiles’ Travis: A faster Ethereum
  3. CyberMiles’ Travis: Safety first
  4. CyberMiles’ Travis: Optimizing for user experience

Dr. Lucas Lu, CEO; Dr. Michael Yuan, Chief Scientist; Timothy McCallum, Core Developer; and Dr. Marc Fleury, a key advisor, shared insights and an overview of the CyberMiles features that are operational in TestNet and that will be fully released with our MainNet (ETA: Q3 2018). CyberMiles aims to revolutionize e-commerce by adding the best of blockchain, namely smart, fast, safe, free.

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