CyberMiles is the next generation of Ethereum. So, how does the CyberMiles native crypto-currency differ from the ETH? Here are two handy tables.

  CyberMiles (CMT) Ethereum (ETH)
Performance 10,000 transactions/s 10 transactions/s
Consensus PoS PoW, migrating to PoS
Stakeholders will receive future minted tokens yes unclear
Validators receive gas yes yes
Total token supply 1 billion initially, and 8% inflation based on a PoS scheme Indefinite mining
Maturity In development In production
User base Est. 12 million unique users from 5miles alone Less than 10 million accounts
Market cap ICO priced at ~$0.05 billion ($50M)

Significant room to grow.

$32 billion (2017/10)
Smart Contract
The programming language Java, GO, Python, JavaScript and others Solidity
Learning curve Easy for existing business programmers Very difficult for enterprise applications
Enterprise middleware Full stack, off-chain but on each node None
Optimized for E-commerce applications General computing, no specific optimization
Program Sophistication Unlimited Very limited
Smart Oracle Incorporated into Smart Business Contract Must be developed separately
Templates for common transactions Marketplace Third party in the development
Use of Token
Execution of smart contracts Yes Yes
Execution of off-chain middleware services Yes No
ICO token Yes Yes
Financial settlement Yes No
Developer tools Rich Very poor
Integration with off-chain middleware services Encouraged Not supported
Shared data services Identify credit history, reputation, financial settlement, and more None

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